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About PerfectXL

Located in Amsterdam we are a small team dedicated to our goal of making Excel ‘Perfect.’ We develop a variety of tools to reduce risks, improve understanding, and to increase productivity for people who work with Excel on a daily basis.

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Our Team

We are diverse in our specializations but our goals and core values line up perfectly. We strive to create great software that will help Excel users worldwide make less mistakes, increase productivity, and understand Excel files. To learn more about the members of our team use the link below:

Our Mission & Vision

Our mission is to make Excel perfect by reducing risks and increasing Excel users proficiency. We work hard to ‘make Excel perfect’ through software, training, information, and consulting. We love Excel and want to see it used properly in the business world.

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Partners & Clients

PerfectXL would not be where it is today without an incredible group of partners and clients which have pushed forward development, monetarily supported us, and have created an incredible ecosystem through which our software can be optimized. Read more about our partners and clients:

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