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PerfectXL Explore


On this page you will find a step-by-step walkthrough of the PerfectXL Explore Tool. This page will give you information on how you can use explore to gain a better understanding of complex Excel files.

  • Incredibly fast
  • Clear visualization
  • Easy to understand

Getting started

First you will see a visual representation of your Excel file, the lines represent links made between sheets through various references. These connections are often made through formulas, but could also be in pivot tables, graphs or other such objects. All objects found per sheet are also shown through icons under each sheet name.

Explore 1 // PerfectXL

Visual vs List

Wherever it’s possible Explore gives you two ways to view information, either through a visual representation or a list, you can toggle between the two in the top left of the tool. In list modes you will see the information presented in tables, in the visual mode you will see the worksheets based on your selection and how they relate to each other.

Explore 2 // PerfectXL

View from objects

So far we’ve looked at worksheets (visual & list) but you can also view different objects for the spreadsheet as a whole. You can pull up lists of unique formulas, external references with their location and type, data validation and it’s potential outcomes, VBA code, and a variety of other object types.

Explore 3 // PerfectXL

Wholistic understanding

The purpose of the tool is to give you an in depth understanding of how your spreadsheet functions. Use visual overviews of the model to give context to the specific details of the model to understand what each aspect’s purpose is. Dive into the details from a position of understanding and oversight.

Explore 4 // PerfectXL

How can PerfectXL help you?

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